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Crane beach.jpg


Crane is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean - known for its dramatic cliffs that cradle it. This beach provides a unique and breath-taking backdrop.

carlisle bay beach.jpg


Just outside the island's capital of Bridgetown is Carlisle Bay, a calm cove with bright blue water that beckons for it. You can rent a chair and umbrella and admire the view, or embark on a catamaran tour to explore the gorgeous coastline.

Dover Beach.jpg


St. Lawrence Gap is host to Dover Beach, also on the southern edge of the island. Hotels and eateries line this stretch of sand with plenty of snacks, drinks, and provisions for activities readily available.



On the East Coast of the island, Bathsheba is one of the top beaches in Barbados. The large waves makes the beach one of the best spots for surfing. It's even host to an exciting annual surfing competition - The Bathsheba Soup Bowl. 

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