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​Barbados is known as the Gem of the Caribbean Sea. Even though the island is 166 square miles we have a wide array of things to do. Barbados has four major towns which are easily accessible via public transport. Barbados has a tropical climate which means it is warm year-round providing the perfect destination to all visitors.​ We at the Warrens Eye Care Centre have staff that can specifically help you with your plans while you are here on the island.


Learn about the intriguing cultural traditions of Barbados, and enjoy a wide variery of activities that our island has to offer.

Harrison's Cave 1.jpg

Barbados is certainly a tropical paradise. Our beaches offer just about every shade of blue, a true delight to behold!


Barbados cuisine is renowned for its diversity, variety and freshness.

It's certainly an experience you wouldn't want to miss out on!

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